Peak Performance

Inefficiency is a hidden drain on your operation. A custom material handling system amplifies your facility’s strengths, minimizes its weaknesses, and creates an efficient ecosystem that does more with less and maximizes your ROI.

Our expert consultants are by your side from start to finish. We'll help:

  • Design an efficient material handling system tailored to you
  • Recommend the perfect products to bring the design to life
  • Provide complete project management, including permitting, installation, and training

Our Clients


Material Handling Consulting

Whether your warehouse needs a more efficient conveyor system or a complete redesign, our material handling consultants recommend solutions customized just for you.


Warehouse Automation

Whether your warehouse needs a more efficient conveyor system or a complete redesign, our material handling consultants recommend solutions customized just for you.

Warehouse Layout Design

Get a better ROI out of your facility. Our design experts maximize every square foot of space, lowering your costs and boosting your revenue.

Material Handling Systems

Don’t spend on a system that won’t fit your needs. Our material handling consultants narrow down the vast array of options to recommend the perfect solutions for you.

Retail Warehouse full of Shelves with Goods in Cardboard Boxes, Workers Scan and Sort Packages, Move Inventory with Pallet Trucks and Forklifts. Product Distribution Delivery Center.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Streamline your workflows so inventory moves seamlessly through your facility. Organization helps workers find what they need when they need it without searching or guesswork.

Project Management

We understand your needs and care as much about getting it right as you do. We help you with planning, permits, timeline, procurement, installation, integration, and final inspection.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the guys at ISS for over 10 years. They’re some of the most honest and ethical people in the market place and I would highly recommend them for your warehousing needs.
– Adam W.

Putting you first. Always

ISS Material Handling is an independent company that sources from thousands of vendors. We don’t answer to shareholders or special interests; we answer to our customers. Call it our Midwest values, but our only focus is on finding the best material handling solutions for you.


How We're Helping Businesses Like Yours

Case Study: The Magic House

The Magic House is a well-known and adored children’s museum in the St. Louis area. This nationally-recognized non-profit organization offers engaging, hands-on exhibits and educational programs geared towards children. An acquisition of a new Magic House warehouse and workshop sparked their need for storage solutions to ensure they used their newfound space as efficiently ...


Case Study: Local Distribution Center

Imagine reclaiming three hours a day with the push of a button. That’s the power of automation. A local distribution center in St. Louis, MO met with ISS Material Handling, a division of Industrial Shelving Systems, to design and install a custom conveyor run-up. This solution was necessary in allowing packages that had been …


Consolidation a Picking & Shipping Operation from 10 Buildings to a Single Location

A parts distributor contacted ISS looking to consolidate their picking and shipping operation from 10 buildings to one efficient location.


Your ROI is Our Top Priority

ISS Material Handling is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. The secret to our success is putting people over profits.

You don’t stay in business more than 60 years by selling people things they don’t need. We have grown through an unwavering focus on putting the customer first. The plans we develop are a win for your facility, your workers, and your bottom line.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses improve efficiency so they can reach peak performance. To see what we can do for you, fill out the form below.

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