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The explosion in e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales is making warehouse packing more important than ever. Millions of boxes ship out every day, and warehouse managers are looking for the best way to fill those boxes fast. Packaging conveyors make a superstar solution.

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What are packaging conveyors?

A packaging conveyor is a warehouse automation tool. It helps distribution centers pack orders with more speed and accuracy. Automation cuts labor costs and the risk of human error. Orders move from picking through shipping with minimal human contact.

After picking, items are placed in the box. This might happen all at once or the conveyor might carry the box to several places to gather the order’s parts.

Packing material is the last thing added to the carton. A machine closes, tapes, and labels the box. At the end of the line, the conveyor system stacks the boxes for sorting and shipment.

Package conveyor systems keep orders moving at a steady pace. Work stations are never slammed with too many orders nor slowed with too few. During peak seasons, automation could mean the difference between hitting carrier deadlines or shipping a day late.


Benefits of packaging conveyors?

Warehouses invest in automation for one main reason: to boost the bottom line. Packaging conveyors let you ship more orders with less time and labor.

But their perks don’t end there. Here are some other ways these systems can help your business.

  • Energy efficiency. Equipment that’s powered up and sitting idle puts a huge drain on your facility’s energy costs. Automation keeps the line moving at a steady pace.
  • Lower risk of injury. Automated systems reduce worker contact with hazards like heavy loads. They also help workers avoid less-obvious dangers. Motions like folding, taping, and stacking boxes over and over again can lead to repetitive stress injuries. These injuries cost U.S. employers $20 billion a year in workers’ compensation. That figure doesn’t include indirect costs like lost productivity and employee turnover.
  • High-speed accuracy. Unlike humans, packaging conveyors don’t get tired. They don’t get distracted. They don’t grab an item out of the size-small bin when the order calls for a size-large. Automated systems maintain high levels of accuracy without sacrificing speed. Not only can you get more shipments out the door in the same amount of time, you’ll have fewer customers complaining they got the wrong order.
  • Big power in a small footprint. Every square foot of warehouse space is precious. Conveyors are easily configured to make the best use of the space available. They can use vertical space through lifts, inclines, and spiral conveyors. This keeps your packaging area tight, leaving more floor space for other uses.
  • Efficient bulk packaging. Package conveyor systems are an efficient way to group products for bulk packaging. Does your warehouse ship bulk orders for resale? Accumulation, merging, and dividing conveyors get the right number of items into each box every time.


How companies use packaging conveyors?

Manufacturers use packaging conveyors for primary packaging. In a factory, product is packaged into single units. For example, the system fills bottles with soda or blister-packs dog toys.

Warehouses use this equipment for secondary packaging. They fill cartons with packaged products. This might mean packing soda bottles into a 12-pack, gathering dog toys and treats into a DTC subscription box, or custom picking an order from an e-commerce store. It’s important for secondary packaging equipment to fit a variety of parcel sizes.

As the box moves along the conveyor, the packaging system puts the order together. Some sellers add marketing material like sales flyers to the parcel. The package might also need documents like an invoice, packing slip, or assembly instructions.

Once the carton is filled, a machine closes and seals it. The conveyor then carries it to be measured and weighed for shipping. A shipping label is printed and applied, and the carton is dropped off at a sorting station.

Packaging conveyors are versatile tools that can do far more than just carry items across a facility. They’re key to accumulating, merging, and dividing product into appropriate package sizes. Whether packing a case of product for a retailer or a subscription box for a dog owner, they do the job quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

These tools can adapt to any industry and environment. For example, the food and beverage industry needs conveyors that are easy to wash down and sanitize. The electronics industry needs speed-controlled conveyors to protect delicate products from damage.

There are an overwhelming number of ways to customize your packaging conveyor system. ISS Material Handling has helped many warehouse managers navigate their options. Our experts tap into a network of vendors to help you choose the right tools for your unique needs.

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Conveyors Created for Your Unique Workplace

No two workspaces are the same, which is why ISS Material Handling offers multiple packaging conveyor models, including roller, curve, and heavy conveyor options in a variety of sizes. 

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Installation Services

We have professional material handling equipment assembly and installation crews available to all of our customers. Our crews are ready to get your packaging conveyor system up and running. We can work with you and your company, no matter your location and project size.

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