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 Meter Shop Case Study


This utility company needed a way to safely and ergonomically move heavy parts required to fabricate their gas meter stations in their new warehouse.



Blue Jib Cranw

After visiting and walking through the facility, ISS Material Handling was able to provide expert recommendations and supply the customer with multiple free-standing Foundationless Jib Cranes from Gorbel. The free-standing Jib Cranes are used in their weld cells to maneuver a variety of different components for welding; the foundationless Jib Cranes allow the customer to achieve the capacities they were looking for without having to pour a foundation - saving the customer time and money, while providing the flexibility to move the jib to a different location in the future if needed. Gorbel Jib Cranes are a cost-effective solution that help ensure maximum productivity in environments with limited space. 


Lane Bridge Crane

After the meter components are welded, they are then transported to a free-standing Bridge Crane for final assembly. This solution allows them to easily lift and move the parts in place before moving the final meter station to be shipped out to the end customer. Because no overhead mounting is required with a Free-Standing Bridge Crane, there is no unnecessary stress on the utility company’s building structure. Bridge cranes also provide consistent, easy movement which ensures longevity of the trolley wheels – meaning less maintenance and less downtime.



After the installation of the Jib Cranes and Bridge Cranes the utility company is now able to better utilize their workforce, increase their productivity and safely handle their fabricated meter stations.

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