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Modular Clean Room Solutions

Modular clean rooms are built with flexibility and specific designs to meet all ISO classifications. Whether you have an existing system or are creating a new room, modular clean rooms can be implemented quicker and cleaner than traditional stick built construction methods.

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Embrace the Benefits of Modular Clean Rooms

Clean installation is especially beneficial if you are leasing your building, and creates minimal disruption for day-to-day operations to continue as normal. Modular clean rooms can also offer substantial tax benefits being classified as equipment versus added space. Going modular can also have environmental benefits creating less waste during construction.

Industries We Serve

Modular clean rooms are suitable solutions for workplaces that require pristine sanitation, including the following industries:






Help Us Find the Best Clean Room for Your Space

ISS Material Handling offers modular clean rooms in multiple sizes and heights to meet your specific requirements.

If you’re looking to add a clean room to your operations, get in touch! We’ll work closely with your team to find the best model for your needs.

Installation Services

If you are in need of installation, we have you covered. Our installation crews have decades of experience in the clean room and modular building sectors. No matter the project location or size, we are ready to assist you with your modular clean room project.

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