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Modular Office Solutions

Modular offices are an excellent alternative to stick-built construction when your facility can use a new office, breakroom or just about any indoor expansion of workspace.

Combine with an elevated platform or mezzanine to gain valuable space from underutilized ceiling clearance if your building allows.

Modular offices allow organizations to create separate rooms in the middle of a bustling facility. If you’re looking to install a modular office in your space, let’s talk! Contact us and a member of our team of experts will find a custom solution to fit your specific needs.

What’s a Modular Office?

Modular offices are contained workspaces housed outdoors or in the middle of your facility. These spaces allow you to create a private workplace for your employees without added construction. Models meet electric, building, mechanical, and plumbing codes. Offices are available in a variety of heights and sizes.

Benefits of Installing a Modular Office

Adding a modular office to your facility can offer immense benefits to your organization:

Save Time and Money

Modular offices allow you to quickly add a private space in your facility, saving on construction costs.

Reduce Distracting Noise

Enclosed offices allow your employees to meet and take breaks in a quiet space.

 Boost Employee Morale

Giving your workers a quiet space can create a happier, more productive work environment.

Let ISS Material Handling Spearhead Your Project!

Ready to install a modular office in your space? Get in touch! We’ll help you find the office that meets your specific requirements.

Installation Services

We have professional material handling equipment assembly and installation crews available to all of our customers. Our crews are ready to get your modular office system up and running. We can work with you and your company, no matter your location and project size.

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