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Wire Partition Solutions

Safety and security are top priorities for warehouse managers, which means they are top priorities for ISS Material Handling as well. From reducing theft to protecting sensitive equipment to enhancing employee safety, our custom wire partitions provide protection and peace of mind.

Whether you want to safeguard high-value inventory like pharmaceuticals or specialty tools, limit access to data centers with wire cages, or install protective barriers around automated machines, we can design a specific system exactly where you need it.

Ready to add an extra level of security to your operations? Contact us to find a custom solution to fit your needs.

Keep Your Inventory Secure

Wire partitions are physical barriers that use welded or woven steel wire mesh to protect high-value or sensitive items and create secure storage solutions for your warehouse. Wire cages are available in multiple heights and widths to meet your specific storage needs. Pre-configured models are available as well and can be a single wall, two-sided in a corner, three-sided against a single existing wall, or a full four-sided enclosure, with or without ceilings.


Benefits of Wire Partitions

Save money: Wire partitions are affordable to install versus other options like chain link fences and will help prevent theft of expensive equipment and inventory.

Enjoy peace of mind: Heavy-duty, incredibly strong and made to last, wire partitions are practically impossible to break into, which provides security to keep your valuable items safe.

Meet compliance requirements: Wire partitions provide open views for security cameras. So, you can keep an eye on your inventory while also allowing for circulation of air and access for sprinkler systems.

Grow as you need to: Wire partitions can easily be moved, expanded, and reconfigured to fit your changing needs.

Applications for Wire Partitions

DEA Storage & Pharmaceuticals: Construct tamper-proof, compliant storage for pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, distributors, evidence storage and wholesalers to secure Schedule III, IV and V controlled substances, keeping potentially harmful drugs out of reach.

Manufacturing: Build secure enclosures and physical barriers to protect and control inventory, valuable tools, files and other supplies.

Rack Guards/Gates: Protect valuable inventory, divide picking areas and keep employees safe from falling debris with rigid and resilient wire partitions, guards and gates.

Tool Cribs: Construct a designated and secure area to store tools, ensuring they do not get misplaced and personnel can always find the equipment they need

Robotics Equipment/Machine Guards: Create a safety net to protect employees from the dangers posed by automated manufacturing and robotics equipment with a strong, secure barrier.

Driver Access Cage: Restrict access to your warehouse by providing a secure waiting area for deliverymen, truck drivers, service crews and other facility visitors.

IT/Server Security: Protect vulnerable security points of valuable digital assets that are stored in data centers, server farms and other technical areas.

Military/Law Enforcement: Construct evidence cages, property rooms, weapon vaults and holding cells with access-controlled locks. 

Tenant Lockers : Provide storage areas, bike rooms and other solutions for individual tenant storage in apartment buildings.

Aerosol Cage: Contain damage from aerosol can malfunctions. Aerosol cans present a unique problem if they happen to burst or leak, which could cause an explosion or turn the can into a projectile. That would not only mean damage to product and facility space, but it also poses harm to people.

Air Conditioning for Commercial HVAC: Protect expensive air conditioner units and HVAC equipment from copper theft and damage while still allowing access for maintenance.

Secure Record Storage: Secure and protect important and sensitive paperwork like classified documents, medical records and financial records.

Mobile and Temporary Storage: Quick and easy to install or reconfigure, wire partitions allow you to create a temporary security barrier or mobile storage solution for short-term needs.

Night Drop off Area: Parts Departments can allow drivers to unload their vehicles in a secure area without gaining access to the entire facility.

Let Us Find the Best Wire Partition for Your Space

Interested in adding wire partitions to your operations? Get in touch! We’ll set up an initial consultation to visit your facility and see which model best fits your needs. After purchasing wire cages, we’ll come back to assemble and install each piece.

Installation Services

We have professional material handling equipment assembly and installation crews available to all of our customers. Our crews are ready to get your wire partition system up and running. We can work with you and your company, no matter your location and project size.

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