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Carton Flow Racking Solutions

Carton flow provides full-depth storage by utilizing wheeled roller tracks to gravity flow inventory to the front of racking, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Interested in adding carton flow racking to your operations? We can visit your warehouse, examine your workspace, and see if it’s a good solution for you. Contact us, and a member of our team of experts will find a custom solution to fit your specific needs.

Carton Flow Racking

Carton flow racking is a first-in/first-out management system for picking operations. This system is a great fit for any picking operation looking to increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Operations dealing with cold storage or products with expiration dates can especially benefit from carton flow as can those with high volume picking needs or varying product sizes. 

One benefit of carton flow racks is that they can be integrated into existing systems or combined with other systems to create a solution that meets each operation’s specific needs. To use this racking system to its best potential, many operations choose to work with a professional design and installation company such as ISS Material Handling. Not only does ISS Material Handling ensure carton racks are installed and working properly, but ISS Material Handling experts also work with teams to ensure the new system is being operated correctly.


What is carton flow racking?

Carton flow racking provides full depth storage by using wheeled roller tracks to gravity flow inventory from the back loading area to the front of racking where picking takes place. Carton flow is a first-in/first-out system — the first item loaded from the back loading aisle is the first available in the front picking aisle. With carton flow racking, inventory is quickly removed and replenished. Since this system provides separate areas for loading and picking, it reduces congestion, improving safety and efficiency as workers remain in their designated area.

Carton flow racks offer many benefits to an operation. A carton flow system can be incorporated into a variety of workplaces, including warehouses, distribution centers, cold storage facilities, pharmaceutical operations, bottling and keg companies, and more. 


How is carton flow racking used?

Carton flow racks are versatile. This warehouse solution brings efficiency, accuracy and productivity to operations in many different industries. Carton flow uses a track that can be added to any pallet rack. In addition, carton flow racks can be combined with other rack systems and accessories to further customize the system to the operation’s needs. For example, guides can be added to make lanes specific to product sizes. Tilt trays on the picking end of the carton flow racking improve the picking experience. 

ISS Material Handling specializes in warehouse solutions including carton flow. To determine the best system for a warehouse, ISS Material Handling experts visit warehouses and examine workspaces before recommending the best solution for the operation. ISS Material Handling works with clients from design to install to introduction, making sure the solution fits the operation, product, space and team.


What are the advantages of a carton flow rack system?

Carton flow can increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in any operation. Carton flow racking keeps stock moving to the picker, ensuring full inventory is available. Stock is easily visible in a well configured carton flow system, so the picker can clearly find products. By clearly creating two areas — a back loading area and a front picking area — carton flow cuts down on worker congestion. This helps to improve safety and efficiency.


Are there different types of carton flow racking?

Carton flow has options for either full width aluminum or steel rollers or universal plastic or steel wheel bed. 

Full width roller carton flow racking has standard size lanes. This option is best for products that are all the same or similar in width. 

Universal wheel bed carton flow racking is recommended for products of varying size. 

Based on the system selected, ISS Material Handling carton flow rack systems can handle products of up to more than 100 pounds per square foot.




How can carton flow racks be integrated into my operation?

Like other warehouse and distribution center solutions offered by ISS Material Handling, carton flow racking is easy to integrate into an existing or new operation. Its versatility allows it to work seamlessly with other racking systems while improving efficiency, productivity, accuracy and more. As it’s suited for a number of different industries, carton flow can be a solution for many operations. 

To find out more about how carton flow racking and other solutions can become a part of an operation, contact the experts at ISS Materials Handling for a free consultation. 

Installation Services

We have professional material handling equipment assembly and installation crews available to all of our customers. Our crews are ready to get your carton flow racking system up and running. We can work with you and your company, no matter your location and project size.

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