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Mobile Racking Solutions

Mobile racking is a static racking system installed on mobile bases. The mobile bases travel on tracks, which allows the system to only need one aisle, eliminating wasted space with a fixed aisle required on standard racking systems. Mobile pallet racking elevates standard racking by adding a movable track to each unit. The pallets are powered by software that allows operators to control movement. 

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How Mobile Racking Solutions Squeeze More Value Out of Storage Space

Every square foot of warehouse space is precious. It’s either money in the bank (if you’re renting space to others) or it’s money out of pocket (if you’re storing your own materials). The less you have to pay for dead space dedicated to aisles and forklift turnarounds, the better.


What are mobile racking systems?

Mobile racking systems solve the warehouse conundrum of wasted space. They make standard pallet racks space efficient by adding dynamic mobility.

In a mobile pallet rack, the static racking system attaches to a mobile base. These bases run on electronic tracks powered by a software application.

Warehouse workers can consolidate the racks close together, leaving room for a single access aisle. When they need to access a specific rack, workers call it up in the software. The racks move to create space just around the one you need to access - eliminating the need for a static aisle between each pallet rack.


The benefits of mobile racking systems

 Mobile pallet racking has several benefits over standard warehouse racking. It optimizes limited space, helps workers move efficiently around the warehouse, maximizes space in cold-room storage, increases energy efficiency, and installs easily.

Mobile racking systems are just as strong as standard warehouse racks, capable of supporting heavy goods.


Mobile pallet racks optimize space

By eliminating the need for multiple aisles of dead space where people and forklifts can access inventory, mobile pallet racks increase storage volume without increasing surface area. Adjustable-height shelving allows businesses to customize the vertical space to fit their needs, making the best use of space in every dimension.

But what if you want - or need - extra space for forklift turnaround or other logistics functions? No problem. Mobile racking systems are completely modular. They can be configured to maximize storage capacity without cramping other space needs.


Mobile racking systems optimize worker efficiency

Even the best-run warehouses can fall victim to clutter. Pallets are taken down so some inventory can be removed, but then the pallet is never re-racked. Workers stack overflow stock in the aisle to be handled at some later date. In the meantime, pallets clutter the aisles and block access to inventory still on the shelves.

Mobile racking systems discourage aisle clutter - in fact, they make it virtually impossible. There is only one aisle, and its location depends on which rack is being accessed. There is no open dead space where clutter can pile up. Workers don’t have to interrupt picking to move clutter out of the way or dedicate hours to tidying up warehouse aisles.

Fast, efficient access to all the pallets in storage can reduce picking time, adding up to a significant competitive advantage.


Mobile racking systems are ideal for cold-room storage

Cold-room storage is priced at an even higher premium than standard warehouse storage, so it’s crucial to maximize every foot of potential space.

High-quality mobile racking systems are made from temperature-resistant galvanized steel, making them impervious to the harsh conditions of a cold room.

Air circulation is key to preserving the perishable inventory that requires cold-room storage. When access to a particular rack is needed, the rest of the racks move together; when no one is picking in the cold room, they can be separated with narrow spaces between them for improved air flow.


Mobile pallet racking can increase energy efficiency

Optimizing cold-room storage decreases energy costs by reducing the amount of empty space kept chilled.

Users can opt to further increase energy savings by connecting lighting to the mobile racking system so lights only go on over the area where an aisle has been opened. When workers use the software to close the aisle, the lights go off.


Installing mobile racking systems is easy

Other than the ground rails and electronic controls, mobile racking systems have a lot in common with standard warehouse racking. This makes upgrading simple.

In some cases, existing frames, uprights, and decking can be incorporated into the mobile bases, reducing the cost of the upgrade and shortening the downtime before the warehouse is back in full operation.

Are mobile racking systems safe?

Mobile racking systems use modern technology to reduce the risk of warehouse accidents. The racks include sensors, manual overrides, and emergency stop buttons to prevent worker injuries.


Industries that benefit from mobile pallet racks

Their flexible use cases and ability to support heavy-duty storage make mobile racking systems ideal for any industry, particularly those with limited space to devote to storage.

Industries required to keep paper archives, such as libraries, museums, and government agencies, find great success with mobile racks’ ability to keep materials organized and accessible while still consolidating storage.

Manufacturing, repair, and retail industries find mobile racking systems indispensable for keeping parts and merchandise inventory on hand and easy to find without eating up shop or sales floor space.

Industries that require cold storage, such as food, healthcare, and chemical, can get a greater return on expensive cold-room space by maximizing storage capabilities with mobile pallet racks.

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Installation Services

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