ISS Material Handling 

Case Study: Local Distribution Center

Challenge Imagine reclaiming three hours a day with the push of a button. That’s the power of automation. A local distribution center in St. Louis, MO met with ISS Material Handling, a division of Industrial Shelving Systems, to design and install a custom conveyor run-up. This solution was necessary in allowing packages that had been … Read more

Partnership Announcement: ISS Material Handling is now a Daifuku Integrator

ISS Material Handling is proud to announce we have been approved as a “Daifuku Integrator” by Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation. We are excited to bring the high quality products of the world’s #1 Material Handling manufacturer to our loyal customers. Formerly known as the Daifuku Wynright Corporation, the Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation manufactures conveyor and sortation … Read more

Case Study: Optimizing Efficiency with ISS Material Handling and UNEX

Background: ISS Material Handling recently partnered with a local Ammunition Manufacturer to streamline their Warehouse Operations. The client, facing challenges with picking times and space utilization, sought innovative solutions to streamline their processes and enhance productivity. Problem: The Ammunition Manufacturer struggled with inefficient picking times and suboptimal space utilization in their warehouse. Their existing setup … Read more

Empowering Innovation: Insights and Integration from ISS Material Handling

This is John Fontaine. I’m working with Tom Compton, President of Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) and the ISS Sales team, to build upon the excellent reputation established by his family’s company over the past 60 years and establish ISS Material Handling as a trusted Integration Partner for high-quality Material Handling Automation solutions. I am excited … Read more

Workplace Safety: The Hidden Benefit of Industrial Automation

The typical conversations about industrial automation – whether excited over its potential ROI or afraid it will automate workers out of jobs – are missing one important benefit. Automation can improve workplace safety. Every year, workplace injuries cost companies billions. These losses add up in the form of Lost productivity Paid time off Increased insurance … Read more

Automation Terms

Warehouse automation revolutionized the way businesses manage their inventory and fulfillment operations. By using technology and robotics to streamline processes and increase efficiency, companies can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and speed up order fulfillment. This comprehensive list of warehouse automation terms and their definitions provides a handy reference guide to help you stay up-to-date on … Read more

Parts Department Shelving

The Most Efficient Way to Lay Out Your Parts Room

A disorganized parts room is more than an eyesore – it can be a serious drain on your bottom line. If your parts room layout makes it hard for techs to find what they need, they’ll waste valuable time searching when they could be serving customers. An organized parts room makes it easy to keep … Read more

Aerospace Mezzanine Case Study

Challenge Aero Charter, Inc. is a total aviation solutions provider that serves passengers flying in and out of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, MO. Known for its commitment to safety and customer service, Aero Charter was looking to expand their maintenance area and storage capacity. Solution ISS partnered with Wildeck – a guardrail and … Read more

Top Riding Crane

Crane Consultation and Installation Case Study

Challenge A customer contacted ISS looking to add cranes in different areas of their operation to lift and move a variety of heavy products. The cranes needed to be a safe, reliable solution for their material handling needs. Solution ISS visited the facility to take specs and provided the client with multiple 7.5 Ton Top … Read more