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cantilever racking with posts being stored

Geotechnology Cantilever Rack: Case Study

Challenge Geotechnology is a professional engineering and environmental services corporation that works on a broad range of projects in applied earth, environmental sciences and geotechnical engineering.  Cody, Drilling Manager with Geotechnology, contacted Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) to help find a solution to store their industrial augers at their Kansas City, MO location. Storing long or … Read more

Car Craft Regains their Service Bays: Case Study

Challenge Car Craft is an Auto Body Shop located in St. Louis, Missouri with 51,000 sq ft of space and 80 Work Bays at their largest location in Oakville. As happens to many in the auto body industry, with growth Car Craft was quickly running out of storage space. When storage space became limited on … Read more

WireCrafters Case Study: Finding Storage Space Between Dock Doors

Challenge Jason with NB West Contracting, a large midwest asphalt paving and concrete construction company, contacted ISS Material Handling about tool storage they needed in a high traffic area that was tight on space.   Solution ISS Material Handling Project Manager Tom visited the NB West facility to take a look at their space and … Read more

Vertical Lift Module Case Study

Challenge An Aerospace Manufacturer needed a more efficient solution to store and hold parts as they came into their facility from cross docking.   Solution After a consultation, ISS Material Handling was able to spec a Logimat Vertical Lift Module from our partner, SSI Schaefer, that would allow the customer to upgrade their existing small … Read more

Wire Cage

WireCrafters DEA Case Study

Challenge A drug manufacturer and distributor needed a DEA level secured storage cage for Schedule III through V controlled substances as stipulated by Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. The substances require a high level of security to comply with the strict DEA requirements. Check the end of this Case Study for the full list … Read more

Bridge Crane and Jib Crane Case Study

Challenge This utility company needed a way to safely and ergonomically move heavy parts required to fabricate their gas meter stations in their new warehouse.   Solution After visiting and walking through the facility, ISS Material Handling was able to provide expert recommendations and supply the customer with multiple free-standing Foundationless Jib Cranes from Gorbel. … Read more

How to Increase Warehouse Capacity

The availability of storage space – and knowing how to use it – is a daily puzzle for any warehouse manager. It’s all about making room for ever-widening inventory in a fixed amount of space, while also maintaining a steady workflow and a safe working environment in a cost-efficient manner. That’s a tall order. Add … Read more