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Aerospace Mezzanine Case Study


Aero Charter, Inc. is a total aviation solutions provider that serves passengers flying in and out of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, MO. Known for its commitment to safety and customer service, Aero Charter was looking to expand their maintenance area and storage capacity.


ISS partnered with Wildeck - a guardrail and mezzanine supplier with products made in the USA - to achieve Aero Charter’s goal of increasing storage space. To do so, ISS and Wildeck installed a mezzanine to add more vertical space and save significant time and money on construction costs that would be necessary to achieve more square footage without it.

Both teams agreed that the best position for the mezzanine would be above the hangar’s maintenance area, which would maximize square footage. However, acquiring the measurements and creating a design to utilize the space required a creative approach.

Ultimately, Industrial Shelving and Wildeck created a custom framing layout and cantilever connectors that would fit the dimensions. Throughout the project, ISS used its knowledge acquired from over 60 years in business to ensure Aero Charter properly relocated all electrical parts, met all regulations, and would make best use of the space.


At the completion of the project, ISS with Wildeck fabricated and installed a custom mezzanine 81 feet in length and 19 feet in width, providing Aero Charter with a new 1,500 square foot storage solution.

The mezzanine continues to serve as a storage solution for tools, company documents, and miscellaneous items.

“We could not be any happier with the results of the finished project,” said Raymond Van de Riet, Jr., Aero Charter’s President.

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