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Automation Tips to Improve Warehouse Safety

Warehouse and manufacturing workers often face a high risk of accidents and safety issues performing tasks including lifting, reaching, and forklift driving. Thankfully, over the years, automated storage and material handling solutions have evolved, introducing new technology that mitigates risks associated with worker safety. By reducing accidents and injuries, these systems can create a more productive and enjoyable environment. Below, we’ve highlighted how a few specific automated warehouse systems contribute to warehouse safety.

Safety Sensors

A fundamental capability of warehouse automation is its safety operations. Many warehouse automation solutions have built in safety sensors that will detect objects nearby, and can trigger an alarm to alert warehouse workers of the objects presence. Some sensors can be set up to automatically stop machinery if an object is detected in an area where it shouldn’t be. These emergency stop buttons    and collision detectors can offer peace of mind with regards to human-machine interaction, which is a great contributor to a smooth-running operation. An important element of ISS Material Handling’s system delivery process is system testing and acceptance, where all safety sensors are verified operational.

Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots

Other automation systems have the ability to take over strenuous tasks. There’s a wide range of automation solutions that significantly reduce the need for lifting and walking, which in turn reduces fatigue, injuries, and the likelihood of accidents occurring. For example, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can be used in the warehouse to load, unload, or transport heavy objects. These automated systems can take a lot of the more difficult, physical labor, and allow warehouse workers to focus their efforts elsewhere.

ISS Material Handling is proud to partner with the most reliable and technologically advanced AGC and AMR manufacturers in the world, ensuring our delivered solutions truly help our customers achieve their goals while helping their workforce use less of their bodies and more of their minds.

Lifting with Cranes

Similarly, cranes can lift and transport heavy material, that workers might otherwise be moving on their own. Jib cranes are great as they’re compact, taking up minimal space in work areas. These cranes move in semi or full circles, ergonomically lifting hefty products with a wide variety of below-the-hook lifting attachments, saving your warehouse workers from making repetitive and strenuous movements on a daily basis.

Moving Heavy Objects with Conveyors

Implementing the right conveyor system can have a significant impact on your daily operations. These systems offer a streamlined and reliable way to move objects that may be bulky or difficult for a human to carry by hand. With conveyors in place, the risk of accidents is reduced, and products move smoothly through your facility.

Here at ISS Material Handling, we have the resources necessary to analyze your warehouse needs, design comprehensive automation solutions that maximize safety and efficiency of your operations. Send us a message, and let’s chat about how we can work together!

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