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Case Study: The Magic House


The Magic House is a well-known and adored children’s museum in the St. Louis area. This nationally-recognized non-profit organization offers engaging, hands-on exhibits and educational programs geared towards children. An acquisition of a new Magic House warehouse and workshop sparked their need for storage solutions to ensure they used their newfound space as efficiently as possible.


John Fontaine and Tom Compton at Industrial Shelving Systems and ISS Material Handling were called upon to help with this newfound storage space. As with any ISS consultation, the team started by measuring and drawing the customer’s space in AutoCAD, supplying the drawings to the customer at no additional cost. The Magic House wanted to be able to store a variety of items with unique geometrics, so our team first recommended a MECO cantilever rack system. This robust rack accommodates odd and oversized items, perfect for this organization’s exhibit pieces that are not standard shapes and sizes. On this rack, the various levels have convenient end stops to ensure that loads are safely stored. These stops additionally allow for quick and easy adjustments to varying heights and have more than enough load capacity for the needs of The Magic House.

“Our team wanted to ensure that The Magic House would have enough storage that could be accommodating to new items and potentially odd shaped items for different exhibits that they may want to feature in the future.” – Tom Compton.

The ISS team also shipped and installed our in-stock Interlake pallet rack with wire decking from Nashville Wire with a one-week turnaround time, adding onto racking purchased at ISS from their previous warehouse. This industrial shelving was installed in accordance with the customer-approved CAD drawings.

“The Industrial Shelving Systems team maintained the needs of the distributor team as their utmost priority from start to finish, from collaborating with local controls experts and a metal shop to navigating a successful Risk Assessment Proposal. The project culminated with installation of our custom solution in under 2 days that showed immediate and significant positive impact to the package return process.” – John Fontaine, Automation Sales Lead.


By taking advantage of the clear height in their new warehouse and the quality solutions recommended by the storage experts at Industrial Shelving Systems, the Magic House now has significantly more room available to store inventory. This enables their team to more efficiently produce new exhibits and seasonal attractions.

“Our favorite part about this project was being able to contribute to help a beloved institution in the local community. In offering a custom storage solution, we were able to play a role in the growth of educational resources for children in the area. Our kids are at the Magic House nearly every week!” – John Fontaine

We can’t wait to see all the new exhibits!

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