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Case Study: Optimizing Efficiency with ISS Material Handling and UNEX


ISS Material Handling recently partnered with a local Ammunition Manufacturer to streamline their Warehouse Operations. The client, facing challenges with picking times and space utilization, sought innovative solutions to streamline their processes and enhance productivity.


The Ammunition Manufacturer struggled with inefficient picking times and suboptimal space utilization in their warehouse. Their existing setup hindered productivity, leading to bottlenecks in operations and decreased overall efficiency. They needed a tailored solution to overcome these obstacles and elevate their warehouse performance.


Tom Compton and the the ISS Material Handling team, embarked on a mission to transform the client's warehouse operations. Conducting an on-site inventory assessment, he analyzed their requirements and challenges. After thorough evaluation, John recommended implementing UNEX Speed Cell and Carton Flow products to address the client's needs effectively.


ISS Material Handling swiftly executed the plan, installing UNEX Speed Cell and Carton Flow products in the client's warehouse. The Carton Flow System facilitated simultaneous picking and restocking of the fastest-moving products, optimizing space utilization and streamlining operations. Additionally, the Speed Cell product enabled higher density storage, enhancing efficiency in picking unique geometry products, including branded apparel.


By integrating UNEX Speed Cell and Carton Flow products, the client experienced drastic improvements in picking times and space utilization. Warehouse operations became smoother, with enhanced efficiency and productivity. The simultaneous picking and restocking capabilities of the Carton Flow System accelerated throughput, while the Speed Cell product revolutionized storage density and picking efficiency for unique items.

About the Author

John Fontaine

Automation Sales Lead

After a 9 year career as an officer in the US Navy Submarine Force, John developed vital experience in the advanced manufacturing and unmanned systems with business development roles at two major defense contractors. In directing the growth of ISS Material Shelving, a division of Industrial Shelving Systems, John’s mission is clear: to remain thoroughly customer-focused, ensuring that businesses who partner with ISS Material Handling seize the right opportunities for automation adoption, fueling responsible growth amidst challenging economic circumstances. When not in the office, John enjoys all things music, cooking, and fitness.

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