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Geotechnology Cantilever Rack: Case Study


Geotechnology is a professional engineering and environmental services corporation that works on a broad range of projects in applied earth, environmental sciences and geotechnical engineering. 

Cody, Drilling Manager with Geotechnology, contacted Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) to help find a solution to store their industrial augers at their Kansas City, MO location. Storing long or odd shaped inventory can take up a lot of space and be quite difficult to store, a problem that the team at ISS is always excited to help clients solve.


After assessing the size and quantities of Geotechnology’s equipment, Tom of ISS, determined that a Meco Cantilever Rack would be the best option to store the large augers.

cantilever racking with posts being stored

Cantilever Racks are the perfect solution for holding longer, heavy, and odd shaped materials - such as augers - that are too large to be stored on traditional pallet racks. Uprights, arms, and brace sets are the 3 components of the Cantilever Rack. Additional arms, uprights, and cross braces may be added at any time to add to an existing Cantilever system providing room for growth as well as inventory changes. 

labeled cantilever rack parts

The lack of front posts allows for easy movement and placement of large, hard-to-handle items. Different sized arms may be interchanged on the racks to allow for future equipment changes. Forklifts can easily load on and off arms and bases. 

Thanks to the team at ISS, Geotechnology now has an organized, efficient, and accessible Cantilever Rack Storage for their augers. 

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About the Author

Tom Compton


Tom Compton is the President of Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) and retains an active sales role with both ISS and ISS Material Handling. Tom is a seasoned professional who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Mizzou, where he honed his expertise in designing and analyzing mechanical systems. Tom has continued to show his dedication and excellence in the field by earning a 6 Sigma Green Belt. When Tom is not working, he spends his time with his family and friends. A devoted father of three children, he also is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing hockey and golf in his free time. He is also passionate about NHRA racing and follows the sport closely.

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