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Lifts Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In your shop, every inch of valuable space needs to be put to use, but when you have a second level it’s hard to use that area to its greatest potential. Even though an upper level can provide much needed additional storage, it comes with risks. Team members will have to carry large, heavy parts down stairs. This could damage parts, which comes at an expense for the shop, or be unsafe for workers leading to the potential for injuries in the workplace.

A lift can solve these issues for shops looking to access upper levels. In fact, the cost of installing a lift can sometimes pay for itself by freeing up more working space for your team members. When auto shops install a lift, they can make better use of upstairs space, decrease the damage to parts and create a safer working environment. 


Expand current space

To create more space, shops are often built with upper levels. While this is done with good intentions to use that second story area, in reality it can be hard to access. Then downstairs spaces get cluttered and working space becomes storage space. 

A lift allows workers to access a second level more efficiently and more safely, and this improves the usage of upper levels. By increasing the ability of the team to use upstairs storage for large parts as well as parts that aren’t frequently used, your team will increase and improve their work spaces. Parts that are needed on a regular basis can be stored on the main level for easy access.

If you are looking to build a new shop or an addition to an existing shop, including a lift in the plans from the beginning allows you to expand your shop’s footprint upward and not just outward. This gives you more options in how you expand and configure your shop for future needs.


Less damage to parts

Large, heavy, hard-to-move parts are typically stored in upstairs areas. While this makes sense, it also means that without a lift they are hard to access and even more difficult to move down to first floor work spaces. When these parts are needed, they are more likely to be damaged when workers move them downstairs to a work space. 

Some lifts can hold more than 30,000 pounds with the potential for even more capacity depending upon configurations. With a lift, these large parts can be moved more quickly with less damage. Even though it’s an investment, a lift can result in savings as the cost of damaged parts usually falls to the shop to cover. 


Safer and more efficient workplace

Few things are more important to any workplace than the safety of their team members. Lifts create a safer shop for your workers. Fewer heavy objects to lift and less stairs to climb are just two benefits your team will see from installing a lift into your shop. When your team members are able to let the lift do the heavy lifting, there’s less chance of them getting injured.

In addition to saving resources with safety for workers and less damage to parts, a lift is more economical than using a forklift. It doesn’t require as much training or upkeep and can be up and running quickly after installation.

Lift Module


The bottom line on lifts

There are several ways a lift can save your shop money: better use of space, efficiency and worker safety. But the savings can all add up. 

For example, an auto shop in the St. Louis region added a lift and saved big. This shop was using several bays for storage as they couldn’t easily access the upper level of the shop. After working with ISS Material Handling to determine the best lift for their needs, the shop saved nearly $30,000 per a week. Read the full case study on lifts.

If you’d like to learn more about adding a lift to your shop, contact the experts ISS Material Handling to discuss your specific needs and goals.

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