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Tenant Storage Lockers Meet Unique Construction Parameters: Case Study

Written by Tom Compton


When the historic Arcade Building in St. Louis, MO was being converted into apartments, the imminent need for tenant storage solutions became a priority. With 282 newly renovated residential units and the added strain on the 100 year old buildings structure was evident, in an effort to maximize the space and provide added benefits for their tenants, Paric Construction brought in Joe with ISS Material Handling to help solve this unique challenge. 


Joe measured (and re-measured, then measured again) and came up with a custom solution using WireCrafters Tenant Storage Lockers. WireCrafters was the perfect solution because of their ability to fit their secure Tenant Storage Lockers in unique and complex corners and walls that needed a non-standard application. 

WireCrafters welded wire tenant storage lockers are an ideal way to provide tenants with additional storage space where space is limited. The additional storage space can be a very important selling feature for apartment and condo buildings. 

In total, Joe with ISS Material Handling, was able to add 96 tenant storage lockers to the building - all ranging in various sizes and shapes. Several installations required modifications to the original design to incorporate existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures. ISS Material Handling coordinated precise field measurements and the detail was provided for special cutouts and specs to the existing order. 

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