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Vertical Lift Module Case Study


An Aerospace Manufacturer needed a more efficient solution to store and hold parts as they came into their facility from cross docking.


After a consultation, ISS Material Handling was able to spec a Logimat Vertical Lift Module from our partner, SSI Schaefer, that would allow the customer to upgrade their existing small parts racks and shelves with a more compact, automated, and low-maintenance system.

Vertical Lift Modules, also known as VLMs, are an all-in-one storage and picking solution that can be totally customized based on each customer’s unique needs. Not only do they improve the performance of the small parts storage process, but they guarantee ergonomic and safe operations in the  facility. Logimat VLMs employ a “goods to person” concept, which saves time and man-power by safely bringing parts directly to workers with the push of a button. 


The Aerospace Manufacturer now has a system that has greatly improved their parts selection efficiency and saved space in their facility by compactly storing their parts.

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Tom Compton is the President of Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) and retains an active sales role with both ISS and ISS Material Handling. Tom is a seasoned professional who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Mizzou, where he honed his expertise in designing and analyzing mechanical systems. Tom has continued to show his dedication and excellence in the field by earning a 6 Sigma Green Belt. When Tom is not working, he spends his time with his family and friends. A devoted father of three children, he also is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing hockey and golf in his free time. He is also passionate about NHRA racing and follows the sport closely.

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