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WireCrafters DEA Case Study

Written by Tom Compton


A drug manufacturer and distributor needed a DEA level secured storage cage for Schedule III through V controlled substances as stipulated by Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. The substances require a high level of security to comply with the strict DEA requirements. Check the end of this Case Study for the full list of DEA specifications.

The drug manufacturer contacted Joe with ISSMH about the application they needed to protect their inventory and comply with federal regulations.


WireCrafters cages meet or exceed the strict specifications from the DEA and also provide a customizable application to fit any facility's unique needs. WireCrafters cages have self-closing and self-locking doors with a push bar exit. All bolts needed to be tamper proof or welded/brazed to prevent removal. ISSMH also spec’d an open/close power sliding gate for the cage. 

In order to comply with the DEA regulations, a full custom installation service is required. ISS Material Handling has installers with the experience and tools to build a custom cage to fit each facility's design. 


Joe designed the custom WireCrafters cage that complied with all of the strict DEA regulations while still providing a great storage solution to the drug manufacturer. 

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*DEA Specifications:

-Doors must be self closing and self locking

-Walls must be constructed of not less than No 10 steel fabric with openings not more than 1-½” across the square, mounted on steel posts, set no more than 10 feet apart with horizontal reinforcement 

-Walls shall be mounted to posts at least one inch diameter, lagged to the floor

-Shall have a ceiling of same materials, or erected to reach the roof deck of the building

-Panels mount flush to floor

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