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ISS Material Handling: Automotive Parts Storage Systems

Missing parts, wasted time, incomplete stock and lost customers. These are just a few results of an unorganized storage system. Like other stored goods, auto parts need to be easy to find and simple to stock to help a business be more efficient and more profitable.

Storage systems designed specifically for auto parts bring organization, efficiency and profitability to businesses that stock parts. By working with an expert like ISS Material Handling, businesses get a system customized to their needs and the products that make it work. The team of experts at ISS Material Handling has years of experience helping businesses find and implement solutions to improve their efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of auto parts storage systems

A well-organized storage system makes the best use of valuable space while improving a business’s efficiency. Auto parts have specific storage needs — from small pieces to large parts. Making sure a storage system is optimized to a business’s needs improves efficiency, profitability, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Many types of businesses use auto parts and could see advantages from implementing a storage system. These businesses may include:

  • Part dealers
  • Part retailers
  • Part Wholesalers
  • Auto repair 
  • Mechanics
  • Transportation businesses


Knowing where parts are and what parts are on-hand are key to running a productive business. Employees’ ability to quickly find parts impacts the efficiency of a business, which impacts the profitability of a business. Experts at ISS Material Handling can customize a space to the individual needs of a business’s auto parts storage. Our team has the experience in storage solutions and access to the products to implement a complete system.


Increase profitability

An auto parts storage system has been shown to increase profitability in a number of ways through productivity and efficiency. 

Improving the employee experience is key to increasing profitability. With a well-organized storage solution, employees are able to quickly see what parts are available and what parts need to be restocked. An auto parts storage system helps with inventory management, and better management of inventory saves money. Parts that are regularly needed are on hand and accessible. Plus, a storage system can also show which parts aren’t used or needed. So, parts that aren’t used as frequently or maybe not at all won’t be purchased unless needed, saving money spent on unused parts.

An orderly system allows a business to be nimble in adding new parts and updating stock. In addition, employees spend less time looking for parts and waiting for parts, so they’re working more quickly and keeping customers happy.


Improved efficiency

An efficient business is a more profitable one. Storage systems improve worker productivity, organization, parts stock and customer satisfaction all by making a business more efficient. 

When each part has an assigned place, employees know where to go to find that part every time. This organization keeps parts in their place so workers are not only able to find parts but can clearly see when something needs to be restocked or, equally as important, see when there is enough of a part. An efficient business also runs more smoothly leading to greater customer satisfaction.


Automotive parts storage products

A complete auto parts storage system may include shelves, racks, cabinets or all of these. It depends upon what the business needs. By bringing the latest solutions together, a business can have a customized space that meets its unique needs. Products can handle most any size, weight or shape of part — from large tires to small screws.


Shelving includes many different types of shelves. A business can select the shelving material, size and layout to best meet its needs. Different types of shelves can be used together to store different-sized items. To sort smaller parts, bins can be added to shelves.


Push back racking, mobile racking and drive-in racking are just a few examples of racking systems that can improve auto parts storage systems. The type of racking selected depends on the size of parts, retrieval method and space available.


Cabinets can store many different sizes of auto parts and even tools. For small pieces, bin cabinets give each type of part their own space.

Mezzanines, VLMs, Carousels (especially for tires), are also commonly utilized.


For help in designing, selecting and installing a storage system, contact the experts at ISS Material Handling. Our team has decades of experience working in many different industries.

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