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Turnkey Project Management for Success Without the Stress

The designs are approved, the plans are developed, and your construction or renovation project is a go for launch. Project management makes sure everything comes together as planned.

Whether you’re building a new facility, renovating an existing space, or just installing new racking and equipment, your project has a lot of elements in play. Your project management team is responsible for all of them. They make sure work flows smoothly and on schedule. They’re a single point of contact for your various vendors, installers, and inspectors, and they keep all those professionals from stepping on each other’s toes.

That means a single point of contact for you, too. Want to know what’s happening with the concrete contractor, or whether the new racking is on site yet? All the answers you need are just a single call away.


What do project managers do?

Each team working on your project has its own hierarchy, deadlines, and deliverables. Your project manager is at the hub, overseeing all of them.

Project managers are responsible for:

  • Designing layout options
  • Obtaining all necessary permits
  • Establishing schedules for each phase of the project
  • Scheduling crews and transportation
  • Ordering material and making sure it reaches the site on time
  • Assigning tasks and communicating the criteria that will measure if a job is well done
  • Coordinating and managing suppliers and contractors
  • Making sure the project keeps moving on schedule
  • Coordinating system integration and acceptance
  • Providing your team with progress reports to keep you up to speed on everything happening at the job site
  • Performing the final inspection before the facility is turned over to you, ready to go



The project management process

  1. Consulting. In the beginning, we need to get your project out of your head and down on paper. In the initial consulting sessions, we talk with facility owners, managers, architects, and contractors to get a consensus on what a successful execution of this project will look like.
  2. Design. Using AutoCAD or other design software, we design multiple layout options for your project. We go over the pros and cons of each design with you to help you choose the one that will achieve optimal results.
  3. Approval. We coordinate with all your stakeholders to get approval of the design, the schedule, and the components.
  4. Permitting. Don’t worry about the paperwork. We’ll take care of obtaining all necessary permits from the various agencies that have to sign off on your project.
  5. Contracting. We’ll run a rigorous selection process to find the best vendors and installers for your project. Once you’ve approved our selections, we’ll execute the contracts.
  6. Procurement. With purchaser approval, we’ll handle procurement for all the materials your project will need. We’ll make sure the supplies are delivered in time to be used, but not so early they’re in the way.
  7. Scheduling. We’ll also schedule crews and equipment. Your project management team keeps the project running on time so crews are scheduled to arrive the day the project is ready for them.
  8. Construction and installation. We oversee the work of all the contractors in each phase of your project, making sure it meets your standards of excellence.
  9. Final inspection and turnover. When we hand your facility over to you, it will be complete, inspected, and ready to start working.



Offering turnkey project management since 1961

ISS Material Handling has overseen thousands of projects in our 60-plus years of business. We’ve developed a hardworking reputation thanks to decades of going above and beyond for every customer, from small shelving projects to complete facility overhauls.

Our president likes to tell us, “Don’t go out to sell something. Go out to help people and the sales will follow.” We take that to heart. Whatever warehouse issue keeps you up at night, we’ll help you find a solution and offer to manage the project from concept to completion.


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See how the custom storage project we developed is helping this St. Louis auto body shop add $28,000 a week to the bottom line. Case Study: Car Craft

Build, remodel, or improve your facility the stress-free way. Contact us today about turnkey project management.

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