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ISS Material Handling: Warehouse Inventory Management

Knowing how inventory moves through a warehouse is critical to having an efficient and profitable business. Unorganization in a warehouse can lead to a loss in productivity, a decline in employee morale, and a downturn in revenue. By improving processes and space utilization through warehouse inventory management, a business can become more streamlined and improve accuracy, workflow and more.

Many businesses choose to work with a consultant such as ISS Material Handling when looking to enhance their warehouse inventory management. Our team of experts has decades of experience helping businesses become more efficient, productive, and profitable through properly managing their inventory.

What is warehouse inventory management?

Warehouse inventory management brings together many aspects of a business:

  • Receiving, stocking, and tracking inventory
  • Improving the use of valuable space
  • Managing staff and workflow


By knowing how stock moves through and is stored in a warehouse, employees are better able to pick inventory and fulfill orders. This allows businesses to implement better processes to manage stock and fulfillment.

Warehouse layout design is a crucial part of warehouse inventory management. This makes sure that valuable space is used to its highest potential. It may include different storage solutions such as racks and shelving or even automation.

Better stock management, improved processes, and more imaginative space utilization come together to improve the employee experience in a warehouse. Businesses are better able to predict needs, manage schedules and increase worker productivity with warehouse inventory management.


Benefits of warehouse inventory management

An ordered system benefits a business in many ways. Warehouse inventory management improves organization across the warehouse. A few advantages businesses gain from implementing inventory management in their warehouse include:

  • Improved fulfillment accuracy and speed
  • Added efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Boosted profitability


Here’s how businesses realize these benefits through warehouse inventory management.

Improved fulfillment accuracy and speed

Organized inventory, well-managed stock, and clear processes take the guesswork out of the fulfillment stage. This means employees can pick and pack orders more quickly, consistently, and accurately.

Added efficiency

With improved organization across the warehouse, employees can be more efficient with their work. 

Increased productivity

When workers can focus on their work and not be sidetracked with issues caused by unorganization, they’re more productive and strategic.

Boosted profitability

All the benefits of warehouse inventory management add up to more profitability for the business through better systems, organized stock, and well-utilized space.


How can a business improve its warehouse inventory management?

While there are steps a business can take on its own, many opt to work with a professional consultant on warehouse inventory management. A consultant in this area will review a space and processes and provide suggestions for improving warehouse inventory management.

ISS Material Handling has a team of experts who have worked with hundreds of businesses in different industries to improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability through warehouse inventory management.


Working with a warehouse inventory management consultant

When ISS Material Handling works with a business to improve their warehouse inventory management, our team follows our collaborative process: 

Visit. Our process begins with a site visit from our team. 

Review. During the site visit, we review and make note of the current storage mediums.

Recommend. We then provide recommendations on products and organizing strategies.


To improve warehouse inventory management, contact the ISS Material Handling team today.

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