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ISS Material Handling: Warehouse Layout Design

Your warehouse is the backbone of your company’s operation: It’s where products are stored, orders are picked, and many employees spend their day. With the correct layout, this critical space can help your business be more profitable, more efficient and safer. 

To ensure a warehouse is optimized to perform at its best, many businesses work with a warehouse design consultant such as ISS Material Handling. Our team of experts has more than 60 years in the business of material handling. With our knowledge and reliable products, we are an experienced partner who will work with your team to make your space work for you.

What is warehouse design?

An optimally designed warehouse maximizes storage space and employee efficiency and safety. Warehouse design looks at all facets of a business’s storage and retrieval needs, bringing them together with solutions to create the most effective layout for the space.

Warehouse design takes into account:

  • Storage space available
  • Picking or product retrieval needs
  • Perishable and/or non-perishable goods
  • Equipment requirements


Depending upon the business’s needs and goals, warehouse design can be as simple as rearranging the warehouse. It can also be more extensive with adding new products to increase storage and other functionality. An experienced warehouse design consultant can help a business determine the best solution.


What does a warehouse design consultant do?

A warehouse design consultant collaborates with a business to provide the most effective warehouse layout that meets the business’s unique needs. The consultant will usually tour the space and meet with key team members to get a full picture of how the business works, where pain points might be and what the greatest needs are. Using this information, a warehouse design consultant provides a layout with suggested storage solutions that may be required to meet the business’s warehouse goals.

With a team of experts in warehouse layout design, ISS Material Handling specializes in warehouse layout design. We are a one-stop shop for consultancy and products to make a warehouse layout design become a reality. Our team has more than 60 years of experience in the business of material handling and a passion for solving storage issues of all kinds.


Why is warehouse layout design important?

Warehouse design impacts safety, productivity, efficiency and even profitability. A well-designed warehouse has a smooth traffic flow that optimizes the movement of products, equipment and people throughout the space. 

Your business relies on your warehouse to perform, and it has unique needs. Our team of experts has decades of experience helping businesses like yours find the right solutions to customize and optimize warehouses. 

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Working with a warehouse design consultant

Engaging a warehouse design consultant is the first step in optimizing your storage space. At ISS Material Handling, we have a collaborative process: 

Visit. Our process begins with a site visit from our team.

Review. During the site visit, we review and make note of the current layout.

Recommend. We then provide a list of recommended ways to save valuable floor space and improve traffic flow. Sometimes it’s as simple as rearranging your current layout.

Product. For more extensive updates, we can recommend and source products that can greatly improve efficiency and use of space.


As experienced material handling experts, the ISS Material Handling team has consulted on hundreds of projects in multiple industries. We understand no two workplaces are the same. That’s why we’ll collaborate closely to find the best solution for you, your business and your employees. 

Our team has access to thousands of different vendors and is required to stay abreast of the most recent and emerging technology in material handling. This ensures you have access to a wide variety and most current solutions on the market.

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