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Shuttle Solutions

Shuttles aren’t just an effective mode of transportation for people: They can also be used in your warehouse!

Warehouse shuttle systems run along rails inside a racking system and safely and securely store and retrieve pallets, containers, cartons, and trays of inventory.

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Make Your Workplace Safer & More Efficient

Warehouse shuttle systems offer an extremely high storage density all while saving time and space, increasing your pick times, and decreasing your pick errors. By transporting items on a track, shuttles reduce the need for forklift, decreasing the risk of workplace injuries.

ISS Material Handling Has Everything You Need

While automation was once out-of-reach for most companies, the rapid expansion of A/I has made it easier and more affordable for businesses to transition to this technology. Shuttle systems operate wirelessly and move quickly on a pre-installed track.

If you’re interested in investing in a shuttle system in your warehouse, get in touch! We’d love to talk to you about the benefits of automation and how to make it work for your team.

Installation Services

We have professional material handling equipment assembly and installation crews available to all of our customers. Our crews are ready to get your shuttle system up and running. We can work with you and your company, no matter your location and project size.

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