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Crane Consultation and Installation Case Study

Written by Tom Compton


A customer contacted ISS looking to add cranes in different areas of their operation to lift and move a variety of heavy products. The cranes needed to be a safe, reliable solution for their material handling needs.


ISS visited the facility to take specs and provided the client with multiple 7.5 Ton Top Riding, Double Girder, Dual Motor Overhead Bridge Cranes in the service area and 10 Ton Free Standing 2-Post Fixed Gantry Crane System in their unloading area. The material handling experts at ISS also provided a variety of hoist options; an electric wire rope trolley turned out to be the ideal hoist for the application.


7.5 Ton Top Riding, Double Girder, Dual Motor, Overhead Bridge Crane

Top Riding Crane     


10 Ton Free Standing 2-Post Fixed Gantry Crane System


After assisting with design, ISS supplied material, labor, and equipment needed to install the cranes, including electrical start-up, speed control, and mobilization of the cranes.


The customer was satisfied with the cranes added to their operation and service provided by ISS.

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